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Speakers' Bureau: SEHN staff members, including Carolyn Raffensperger, Ted Schettler, Joe Guth and Katie Silberman, are available for speaking engagements, workshops, public testimony, media contacts, or other collaborations with local groups. We have a great deal of experience speaking on the precautionary principle, ecological medicine, future generation guardianship, law for the ecological age, chemicals policy, the environment and spirituality, and environmental health both broadly and specifically. Please see Speakers' Bureau for more information.

Welcome Journalists! We invite press contact and regularly provide interviews and background on a wide range of topics, including: precaution and environmental health; science and ethics; environmental contaminants and human health; the costs of environmental degradation; ecological medicine; scientific uncertainty and preventive action; and emerging technologies. Please contact Carolyn Raffensperger (email: carolyn(at) or phone 515-268-0600.

Science and Environmental Health Network

For our mailing address, please contact SEHN directly via email.
Carolyn Raffensperger, M.A., J.D.
SEHN's founding Executive Director - Email:carolyn(at)

Ted Schettler, M.D., M.P.H.
SEHN's Science Director - Email:ted(at)

Nancy Myers, M.A.
SEHN's Communications Director - Email:nancy(at)

Katie Silberman, J.D.
SEHN's Associate Director - Email:katie(at)

Sherri Seidmon, B.S.
SEHN's Finance Director - Email:sherri(at)

Joseph H. Guth, J.D., Ph.D
SEHN's Legal Director - Email:jguth(at)

Please visit the Staff and Board Members Page to learn more about SEHN's Directors.

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